Hcg Pregnancy Test, Recommended Medicines Products, Anhui Medipharm

  • Product No.: AMC22302-01
  • Specification: 50'S/BOX
  • Trademark: ShineCares
  • Support OEM/ODM: Yes
  • Mini. Order: 6000 Boxes
  • Delivery Time: 7~30 Days
  • Trade Term: FOB,CIF
  • Payment Term: T/T,L/C
  • Standard Available: CE
  • Documents: ISO



Main active materials : HCG-C1 antibody, HCG-C2 antibody.

Other materials: Nitrate cellulose film, colloidal gold binding pad, PVC bottom plate, absorbent paper, sample pad.


1. When testing, the detection card is taken with the test, and cannot be saved after ripping and sealing.

2. After opening the sealed bag, do not place the test strip in the air for too long to avoid moisture.

3. The judgment result of this product is for reference only. The final results should be based on the confirmed results of the hospital.

4. When the concentration of HCG is very high, the color of the detection line may become lighter, which is normal.

5. If the subject suspects the possibility of conception and the urine test is negative, the morning urine can be collected again after 48-72 hours.

6. Patients with uterine tumor, hydatidiform mole or menopause may have positive results due to high HCG content in urine.

7. When abnormal pregnancy is suspected, it should be diagnosed with other methods.

8. Patients with endometrial hyperplasia, choriocarcinoma and gastric cancer may be positive due to high urinary HCG content

Scope of application:

This product is used for qualitative detection of HCG in human urine in vitro. Assist in the diagnosis of female pregnancy. This product also comply with the national medical device standard YY/T 1164—2009 and have been registered in China.