Diclofenac Sodium Tablet 50mg

  • Product No.: AMC12016-01
  • Specification: 50mg, 10′sX10/Box
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  • Mini. Order: 10000 Boxes
  • Delivery Time: 30~60 Days
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Diclofenac sodium, the active ingredient in Diclofenac Tablets, is one of a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs reduce pain and inflammation.

Diclofenac Tablets relieve pain, reduce swelling and ease inflammation in a wide range of conditions:

Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, acute gout, ankylosing spondylitis. - Backache, sprains and strains, soft tissue sports injuries, frozen shoulder, dislocations and fractures.

Tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis.

They are also used to treat pain and inflammation associated with orthopaedic (bone and joint surgery), dental and minor surgery.

Adverse Effects:

Diclofenac Tablets are suitable for most people, but, like all medicines, they can sometimes cause side effects.

Some side effects can be serious Stop taking Diclofenac Tablets and tell your doctor immediately if you notice:

Stomach pain, indigestion, heartburn, wind, nausea (feeling sick) or vomiting (being sick).

Any sign of bleeding in the stomach or intestine, for example, when emptying your bowels, blood in vomit or black, tarry faeces.

Allergic reactions which can include skin rash, itching, bruising, painful red areas, peeling or blistering.

Wheezing or shortness of breath (bronchospasm).

Swollen face, lips, hands or fingers.

Yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes.

A persistent sore throat or high temperature.

An unexpected change in the amount of urine produced and/or its appearance.

You bruise more easily than usual or have frequent sore throats or infections.


Diclofenac sodium tablet cannot be expected to substitute for corticosteroids or to treat corticosteroid insufficiency. Abrupt discontinuation of corticosteroids may lead to disease exacerbation. Patients on prolonged corticosteroid therapy should have their therapy tapered slowly if a decision is made to discontinue corticosteroids.

The pharmacological activity of diclofenac sodium tablet in reducing fever and inflammation may diminish the utility of these diagnostic signs in detecting complications of presumed noninfectious, painful conditions.

Storage instructions:

Store below 25ºC. Protect from moisture. Keep out of reach of children