Artemether Injection 80mg

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  • Specification: 80mg 1ml
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Artemether Injection Indications:

Antimalarial drug. For the treatment of all kinds of malaria including the chloroqine-resislant P.falciparum malaria and the first aid of critical malaria.

Artemether Injection Usage And Dosage:

Artemether Injection is used for intramuscular injection, five days course with the initial dose of 3.2mg/kg, followed by 1.6nig/kg for the following 4 days. The initial dose for adults is 160mg(2 ampoules), followed by 80mg (lampoule) every lime from the 2an lo 5lh day. The dose for children or overweight patients should be decreased or increased on the basis of the individual weight or under the doctors, prescription.

Artemether Injection Adverse Reactions:

Clinical dosage exhibits slight adverse reactions, A transieiil low fever and reticulocytopenia may occur in iiidi-vidual cases. Slight rise of SGOT and SGPT may occur in individual cases. Arrhythmia may occur in rare cases(such as ventricular tachycardia).

Artemether Injection Pregnancy And Lactation:

Artemether Injection should be used with caution in the first trimester of pregnancy since some fetus absorpLion has been observed.

Artemether Injection Administration For Children:

For children, the dose should be chosen as follows: he dose for children should be decreased or increased on llie basis of individual weight or under the doctor's prescription.

Artemether Injection Drug Interactions:

Studies and reviews in the literature demonstrated that the active substance of this injection had no interaclions with oilier drugs on decreasing therapeutic effects and increasing toxicity and side effects in human bodies.

Artemether Injection Overdose:

Although no case of overdosage has been documented, in case of accident,

symptomatic treatment is recommen- ded undre ihe instruction of doctors.

Artemether Injection Storage:

Store below 25ºC. Protect from light. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

label: Antimalarial