Happy Women's Day

2024-05-08 14:56:14 Medipharm 102

Opening message

Before the event started, Mr. Zhang of  Anhui Medipharm Co.,Ltd. gave an opening speech. I would like to express my holiday blessings to all ladies, and hope that through team building activities, we can better develop our team spirit, enhance our cohesion, and make our team more closely united and able to handle more tasks and challenges. At the same time, we encourage everyone to participate in the activities and enjoy the beautiful spring!

Enjoyable games

Life is bright, everything is lovely, and every good thing is worthy of it.Games are not just for children, adults have fun playing them too.Through a series of mini-games such as "Peach Blossoms Blooming", "Ten Fingers Concentric", and "Crossing the River by Touching Stones", we can hold hands and be considerate, relax and experience fun, and inject elements such as mutual help, solidarity and friendship into the activities, igniting The whole audience was enthusiastic! As the fierce competition in the game unfolds, there are exciting moments of flying and leaping on the field, as well as the joy of cheering after victory. Sweat, laughter, youth, and vitality fill the entire field.

Everyone enjoyed the breath of spring in Kuanghe Park and experienced the fun of games. Amidst laughter and bright mood, the event ended successfully. The holding of this event to celebrate the "International Women's Day" not only reflects the company's humanistic sentiments, but also increases the happiness and sense of belonging of female employees. Feel the joy and warmth in this women's festival, further promote communication among employees, enhance cohesion and centripetal force, better play the role of "half the sky" with fuller enthusiasm and working status, and at the same time help the vigorous development of the company's pharmaceutical business.

Anhui Medipharm Co.,Ltd. has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical foreign trade. It is a foreign trade company specializing in the import and export of pharmaceutical products. Its business scope includes the international trade of three major categories of Western medicines, medical products; products It is sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world and has nearly 4,000 foreign customers. Africa is the company's largest export market.Anhui Medipharm Co.,Ltd. is a certified supplier of the seventh council of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products,made-in-china certified supplier,and was awarded the "Top 100 International Pharmaceuticals" Enterprise" and "Excellent Cross-border E-commerce Enterprise in Anhui Province" honors, etc. At present, we have experienced R&D personnel and are striving to build an international pharmaceutical enterprise integrating R&D, production and international trade. At the same time, we focus on our own brand credibility and capacity building, and continuously improve the company's core with standardized management and the spirit of pursuit of excellence. Competitiveness, provide customers with affordable pharmaceutical products and satisfactory services on time, quality, quantity and sustainably.

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